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2D Photo Crystals
To create a 2D Crystal our designers transform your image into a laser ready file, once lasered the image appears flat inside the crystal. The thickness of the laser etched image is approximately 2mm which has an advantage and means the image can be placed into any of our crystals including our crystal jewellery which are only 5mm thick.

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3D Photo Crystals
Whereas the image in a 2D crystal is flat inside the glass, the image in a 3D photo crystal has depth. When viewed from the side the image has a profile. To achieve this our designers convert your standard photo into a life-like 3-Dimensional image, effectively creating a 180 degree 3D portrait. Because the image has depth, the crystal itself needs to be slightly thicker than for a normal 2D photo crystal, so we have seperated our ordering menus into 2d Photocrystals and 3d Photocrystals for ease of use.

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