2D photos in glass

2D Photos in glass
Our 2D photos in glass are perfect for any type of image including, people, pets, cars, bikes, boats, buildings and more. In fact some of our most popular shapes are produced as 2d Photo crystals. To order simply select a shape and use our Online design software to create your very own personalised photo crystal gift.

How is it done?
After analysing your image file our talented team of designers use proprietary software to transform your image into a file suitable for lasering. This laser file is made up of hundreds of thousands of tiny points, and each of these points has a co-ordinate that allows the laser to plot each point in the exact position within the crystal. Once your photo is  laser engraved, the image appears flat within the crystal when viewed from the side. The thickness of the laser etched image is approximately 2mm thick, this has an advantage and means the image can be placed into any of our crystal shapes, including our crystal jewellery which are only 5mm thick.
Unlike other laser etched products where the image is engraved on the surface of the glass, our process etches the image internally within the crystal, creating a result that must be seen to be believed. See also our 3D photos in glass page.
In addition to the above information, you can also find videos on our 3D Conversion page comparing the difference between 2D and 3D Photos in glass.
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