3D Photos in Glass

Ever wondered how you would look in 3D?

Whereas the image in a 2D laser photo crystal is flat inside the glass, the image in a 3D laser photo crystal has depth. When viewed from the side the image has a profile. To achieve this all we need is one standard photo, from this our talented designers convert your photo into a life-like 3-Dimensional image, effectively creating a 180 degree 3D portrait. Because the image has depth, the crystal itself needs to be slightly thicker than for a normal 2D photo crystal, so we have seperated our ordering menus into 2d Photocrystals and 3d Photocrystals for ease of use. 3D photo crystals are slightly more expensive than 2d photo crystals due to the level of skill required for the 3d conversion process. In fact, this amazing process has been perfected over the years by our designers and they truly are skilled artisans. For best results we only produce our 3D photocrystals from images of people or pets, they are the ideal gift when you are looking for something with that little extra wow factor for the person who has everything. See also our 2D photos in glass page.

In addition to the above information, you can also find videos on our 3D Conversion page comparing the difference between 2d and 3d Photos in glass.

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